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Quartz Countertops in Osoyoos

Quartz is a popular material for countertops and tabletops, but what sets it apart from other finishes that are available to you as you build your dream home or renovate your existing space? Let’s step away from your blue print for a moment and explore the case for quartz countertops in your home. Quartz is becoming a popular option for homeowners looking for a trendy, high-end natural looking countertop surface that is equally beautiful and (able to last through tough conditions). It is manufactured by combining up to 93% natural stone with polymers. It is an incredibly hard surface, that needs very little maintenance. It has the look and feel of other natural stone countertop options and lasts for years to come. One of the most plentiful minerals in the world, quartz has been found to absorb and transform energy so efficiently that it has become very popular for use in technology. Everything from wrist watches to high tech ultrasound machines operate using this semi-precious mineral. This is important to consider as part of your design project because your countertops are important features to absorb and transform the energy of your living space. As the focal point of a room, or just as the accent that pulls all of the elements together, you may be looking for the right ingredient to create an energetic atmosphere in your home. Quartz has also been frequently used as a holistic remedy for healing and meditation. Believed to amplify personal energy, different varieties of quartz are touted for their healing properties. This may be something to consider as you look to create a calming, serene environment in your home to help you escape the stresses of your day. When you add these features of quartz to what we already know about the mineral as a building material, you get a combination that is hard to beat. Because quartz is non-porous, it is resistant to stains sinking below the surface of the countertop. Given that quartz is among one of the hardest materials on earth it is also one of the most scratch resistant materials on the market which may be especially important in the kitchen. At KJ Kitchen and Countertops INC, we have worked with many homeowners in Osoyoos for a quartz finish that both compliments the room as well as best suits the homeowner’s personal tastes. Our team can help you design and choose the right colors that best compliments your existing cabinets and wall décor, or in the case of a full reno, suggest color combinations from scratch that will completely renew the look and feel of your home.

Quartz or Granite?

Some buyers debate whether to choose granite or quartz for their countertops. There is no right or wrong answer. They both have pros and cons. We invite you to visit our showroom and settle the debate for yourself. Our design team will explain the pros and cons so you can choose the countertop that you’ve been dreaming of and tackle your next home improvement project with confidence.

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