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Caesarstone Quartz Countertops Pros & Cons


Natural quartz countertops have become very popular in home renovations and kitchen design. It’s attractive, versatile in design, durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. If you have been researching quartz countertops in Edmonton, you’ve likely come across the brand called Caesarstone.

What is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is one of the most common brands and manufacturers of engineered quartz countertops. The products are used in residential and commercial applications, including countertops, vanities, wall cladding, floors, and other uses.

The company was founded in 1987 and continues to offer innovative, leading-edge quartz products. They work with designers and architects to keep up to date with design trends. In doing so, they provide several quartz surface collections to consumers. From these collections, buyers can choose from a range of finishes, slab dimensions, and other options to find a surface that best meets their needs.

How is it manufactured?

Like other engineered quartz, Caesarstone surfaces consist of up to 90% natural quartz aggregates combined with polymer resins and pigments. The manufacturing process starts with getting the raw materials and inspecting them for issues.

Mixing: Quartz, pigments, and polymers are chosen, inspected, and then combined.

Pressing: Once adequately mixed, the mixture is poured into a mold and formed into slabs. The dimensions of the slabs vary. It’s compressed under very high pressure and then vibrated in a vacuum. This process makes sure all the air is removed from the mixture.

Curing: The slabs enter into a big kiln for curing. It’s heated for 45 minutes at about 90°C. The curing process makes it into a solid, strong material.

Polishing: From the kiln, the slab then moves into the polishing phase. Here the pieces are gauged, calibrated, and polished. This stage gives the slab it’s finished look, which is available in a variety of designs and colours.

Testing: Rigorous quality testing is done to each slab to make sure it meets standards. Quality control experts inspect things like colour, consistency, and hue.

Tagging: After passing the test for high standards, the slabs are labeled, sorted, and entered into Caesarstone’s distributing system. It’s from here they are shipped to a Caesarstone Edmonton dealer like KJ Kitchen and Countertops.

Caesarstone Pros

Quartz offers beauty, performance, and value. If you’re renovating the kitchen and bathroom, Caesarstone should be a top contender for your countertop surfaces. Here are some advantages of this material:

Strong and durable

Compared to other natural stones like marble and granite, quartz can be more durable. Quartz is one of the hardest natural minerals in the world. It is resistant to staining, scratching, and cracks. Caesarstone is heat and cold resistant.

It is scratch and stain resistant

Caesarstone claims that their quartz surfaces are resistant to scratching and staining. While other natural stones can absorb stains, quartz can withstand heavy use, and that includes spills!

Quartz offers design flexibility

Because quartz is a human-made product using natural materials, it offers a lot of flexibility in design. Other natural stone like marble and granite, come in full slabs from the quarry. The natural design on them, though beautiful, is what you get.

With quartz, manufacturers can get creative with colours, textures, patterns, and designs. Not only can you customize the appearance of the surface, but you can also customize its shape. Wither you want it curved, straight, or another form, Caesarstone allows you to use your imagination!

It’s low maintenance

Caesarstone quartz is easy to clean and maintain. Unlike other natural stone surfaces, it won’t need periodic sealing, treatments, or polishing to keep it looking great. To clean it, wash it with regular detergent and water.

Installation is easier than other surfaces

While we don’t recommend that you installed your quartz countertops yourself, an easier install by professionals means you pay less for time and labour. The surface can be cut to fit nearly any space, is very adaptable and customizable. Talk to a Caesarstone dealer in Edmonton about your project.

Caesarstone is committed to the environment

As a manufacturer, Caesarstone has committed to minimizing their impact on the environment. Their products are low maintenance and do not require harmful chemicals to clean or maintain them. Because of their longevity, the long life cycle means less waste in landfills. They are also a low-emitting product, meeting strict emissions standards and have minimal impact on indoor air quality. All of their products are certified with the GREENGUARD certification as a low-emitting surface.

Caesarstone Cons

While the product has many advantages, it is not flawless.

Damage is still possible

Damage can occur under certain circumstances. If you choose a sharp edge profile, it could be chipped by a hard pot or utensil coming down on it. While Caesarstone claims to be scratch resistant, it is not scratch proof. If you continuously use a sharp knife directly on the countertop, it can get scratched. Scratches can easily be avoided by using a cutting board when preparing food.

Caesarstone is heavy

Quartz is heavier than granite and other countertop surfaces. Before you purchase your countertops, inspect your cabinet boxes, and ensure they are in good, sturdy condition. If you have older cabinets, they might need extra supports built in to support the weight. The weight issue is also one reason you shouldn’t take a DIY approach to installation. The last thing you want is for your entire cabinet to come crashing down under the weight of the countertop.

Manufacturer defects are possible

While Caesarstone has a long-standing reputation for producing quality quartz surfaces, manufacturer defects can still occur from time to time. If your ordered product comes in and there is an issue, your Caesarstone dealer will help you resolve it quickly so your project can get back on track.

It’s comparably more expensive

Compared to other products, Caesarstone is expensive. In some instances, it can be more costly than granite. Weigh the pros and cons. Having a high-quality countertop that promises longevity, like engineered quartz, can add value to your home and be worth the investment.

Is Caesarstone right for your renovation?

Whether you’re working on a residential or commercial renovation, a quality quartz surface like Caesarstone is the right choice. While no product is completely perfect, this high-quality, durable, and visually appealing surface will add value to your project.

The best place to start is browsing through the Caesarstone collections to see if something catches your eye. If you’re planning a major renovation and are looking for quartz countertops in Edmonton, we are happy to show you the large selection we have in our showroom. We can also give you advice on the product and help you make your decision.

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