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Can’t Decide Between Granite or Quartz Countertops?


When Edmonton homeowners are weighing the options to create the perfect ambience for their home, the debate between granite or quartz is a popular topic of discussion. Each countertop choice brings with it an enthusiastic following of supporters that will identify their preference as the best choice. However, while they are often raised in the same conversation, there are distinct differences between the materials that make the decision a matter of personal taste with no clear winner.

Solid Stone vs. Manufactured Slab

Granite is mined as a solid slab, cut from the earth and refined as 100% pure stone. What you install in your home is not that far removed from the raw material that was originally mined from the earth. For those homeowners conscious of their carbon footprint, granite is a ecological choice as it requires less carbon to produce than quartz. On the other hand, quartz is composed of crushed material and features a composition of 94% stone and because it is manufactured to order, it allows for much greater customization in both color and design.

When the design project calls for the most natural finish possible, complimented by a color pallet then granite is the favored choice of homeowners in Edmonton. Granite may feature a variety of subtle hues throughout its design influenced by the region of origin of the raw material. Quartz on the hand, by the nature of its composition is more likely to feature a consistent appearance throughout.


Quartz is considered to be a stronger and more resilient material than granite, though both are considered to have roughly the same 25 – 50 year life expectancy. Quartz countertops are believed to be more stain resistant than granite and less likely to experience cracks or chips over their life cycle. However, properly sealed granite with the appropriate edge trims have also been found to stand up to the test of time.

How do they compare on price?

Considering their relative strengths vs. their competitor in various areas, it should come as no surprise that pricing is very similar for both quartz and granite countertops. While each starts at about the same cost per square foot, variations occur depending on the customization of the project. Higher quality granite, for example, may carry with it a much higher price tag, but it comes down to what the homeowner is looking for to achieve perfection in their new home build or existing home renovation project.

Are you still not sure whether quartz or granite are the right fit for you? We welcome the opportunity at K&J’s Custom Granite to offer our expertise and to help you weigh both the pros and cons for each material, including reviewing samples of each to ensure that when you’re ready to make your decision and complete the atmosphere in your kitchen or bathroom project, that you can do so with confidence. We are available by phone or just drop in to see us in the showroom to bring your vision for your home’s most vital areas to reality.

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