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How to Clean and Maintain your Quartz countertops


Your kitchen is the busiest room in your home and often the hub of activity for the whole family.  Given the diverse use of your counter space for all purposes aside from just food preparation and service, it is important to have a surface that is easy to clean and maintain to keep things flowing as you navigate through another busy day.  When you’re looking for a countertop solution that offers ease of cleaning and maintenance, few options can compete with quartz.

Unlike granite, which is porous and requires to be sealed on a regular basis to prevent spills from seeping into the finish and staining your surfaces, quartz is manufactured to be a non-porous surface.  This saves the hassle of annual sealing and maintenance, but also allows for the countertop to be cleaned with warm water and a damp cloth easily and efficiently.

1. Avoid cleaning products with abrasives

You should avoid cleaning products that contain abrasives or those that contain bleach, oils or powders for best cleaning results.  Consult with our expert team at K & J’s Custom Granite for a list of recommended products and draw upon our expertise to produce the best possible results to ensure your long term satisfaction with your quartz countertop purchase.

2. Address spills promptly

While quartz is resilient against stains, it is still recommended that spills should be addressed promptly.  Some of the more challenging spills such as paint, gum or nail polish are best removed after they have been allowed to dry and can then be easily scraped from the surface by using a putty knife or a plastic scraper.

3. Use pot holders and cutting boards

Quartz, like other stone countertops is resistant to heat, but can still be affected by sudden or prolonged changes in temperature.  It is still recommended to place pots on an insulated or cork pot holder to avoid detrimental effects to the counter.  The same applies to surface scratching.  While quartz is resistant to scratching and chipping, the counter may hold up to routine chopping during food preparation, but to ensure the long life of your countertop, it is best to use a cutting board.

4. Choose recommended for quartz products

For care beyond the daily cleaning, ask us about some of the recommended products that are on the market to ensure a brilliant “like new” shine throughout the life of your counters.  There are a number of products on the market, so it’s important to spend your money only on the one that will produce the results that you’re looking for.
Even with proper care, over time, you may find the need to replace your quartz countertop.  Ensure that when you do so, it’s not because of an unavoidable circumstance and ensure that before you buy that you have done your homework on your installer and the warranty that they offer on both the product and after purchase care.  You’ll find in Edmonton that many homeowners are turning to K & J’s Custom Granite for comprehensive research on the products, cleaning and maintenance and every aspect of your quartz selection related to design, quality, price and answer any other questions you may have to help you make your purchase with confidence.

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