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Granite Can Increase the Value of Your Home


Edmonton is home to adverse real estate market and despite fluctuations in the Province’s economy, the housing market has stayed strong, surpassing the expectations of real estate speculators.  This is an important detail for local homeowners who may be considering putting their home on the market.  Will your property be able to stand out from the crowd with the features and amenities that buyers are looking for?  What improvements can you make to increase the value on your home and be assured to command your listing price?


There are many features that contribute to the attractiveness of a home for buyers.  Certainly, the surrounding neighborhood and proximity to amenities is a consideration, the general curb appeal of the property is another item of note for savvy home buyers.  But most every other criteria imaginable only contributes to how the design and space on the interior of the home has been allocated.  This is especially important for the kitchens and bathrooms in the home.


The kitchen is a recognized hub of activity for families of any size.  As the food preparation area, everyone migrates to the kitchen throughout the day for meals or snacks so the layout and function of your kitchen can be a make or break decision for home buyers.  When you consider that the kitchen also becomes a feature gathering point for hosting a get together with friends and family, the importance of the kitchen is increasingly emphasized.


Granite is a great choice to help showcase the room and your home as a whole.  Primarily, granite is noted for its durability.  A home with solid granite countertops represents a property that is sturdy and durable, sure to withstand the test of time.  While we have seen a number of trends come and go over the past century, stonework countertops are one feature that have never gone out of style. Identified as heat and scratch resistant, with proper care and maintenance, granite surfaces will last as long as you live in your home.


The aesthetic appeal of granite cannot be understated.  Because granite features designs which are naturally occurring in the earth from where it has been mined, no two granite countertops are exactly alike.  In fact, even adjoining slabs of the same stone may have their own unique variations which are subtle in their uniqueness to the other.  Add to that the selection of colors and hues available when choosing granite and you discover that this popular decorative stone is versatile enough to suit a variety of tastes and is suitable to complement décor from most any period.


Granite is a stone that when sealed and polished contributes to the ambiance of a living space and can be the focal point of the room, or simply contribute to the overall interior design of the space.  Variations on installation might include the addition of granite backsplashes to compliment the design.  In the kitchen or in the bathroom, which is another room sure to be visited when hosting, granite can create a lasting and favorable impression.


Real estate professionals recognize the value of granite when marketing available homes to prospective buyers.  In fact, it has been discovered that when two homes of a similar floor plan and square footage are on the market at the same time, the home with the granite fixtures is certain to be sold first on every occasion.  The inclusion of granite fixtures may be one of the most important home improvement investments you make when preparing your property for the market.  If you’re looking for the competitive advantage to help you stand out on the market, you can be assured that granite is a leading solution that will contribute to your goal.


At K & J’s CustomGranite, we have worked with homeowners to provide Edmonton’s finest granite countertop solutions from concept through to installation.  We can help you to bring your vision for your home renovation project to life with the right materials and accessories to increase the value of your home whether you are planning to put your home on the market, or if you’re just looking to increase the cosmetic appeal and function of your home for your own use. Check out the wide selection of granite colors and designs that are available to you and we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions about granite, quartz, concrete or any other stone finish and to deliver a result that you’ll be happy to share with your family, friends and anyone who is a visitor to your home.

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