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The Most Important Questions to Ask Before Your Granite Installation


In many homes in Edmonton, granite countertops have been installed and add an element of timeless sophistication, durability and contrast that homeowners love to share with all who visit. Maybe you have visited someone that has made this investment into the long term value of their home and are considering an upgrade to your kitchen space and are exploring whether granite is right for you.

The decision to install granite may well be one of the most significant home renovation decisions that you ever make, so before you spend your money, there are four key questions that you must have answered to allow you to buy with confidence.

The track record of the company

Before you allow any vendor to commence work which will modify the appearance and function of your home, you need to be assured that they have a reputable history and a list of satisfied customers that can speak to their exceptional work and attention to customer needs. Learn about the company’s history, the expertise of the installation foreman and team, and the principals involved with the company. You may want to check for complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau or any legal claims against the firm before you sign a deal to do business with them.

What are the additional costs to think about?

You need to know what is included in the quoted price. Does the quote include the costs to remove and dispose of your existing countertop? What about the plumbing and electrical costs? It is important to consider the full scope of the project and any additional costs that may require the engagement of another service provider, or elements that you may complete yourself to ensure that your project’s budget will always remain in sight.

How Long Will Installation Take?

Particularly with kitchens and bathrooms, theses are generally spaces within your home that require daily use, so you should know the time and duration of the installation for your new countertops so that you can adjust your schedule accordingly. Typically, a granite installation may take four hours or less, but clarify to ensure that your expectations as the customer are being met on this important phase of the project.

What About After Sale Care?

Does your service provider offer a warranty? If you should experience any problems or concerns with your installed countertop, you want to be assured that you’ve done business with a firm that stands by their work and will return to your home to address any deficiencies that are identified. Discuss this with your provider and get it in writing.

At K&J’s Custom Granite, we understand the importance of verifying the experience, quality and workmanship of every Edmonton countertop solution that we offer. We welcome your questions and you can reach us by phone, by e-mail or drop into the showroom to see us. We bring the experience, transparent pricing, efficiency and warranty coverage that you want for your next home improvement project.

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