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Let’s Address The Rumours About Granite


In the world of entertainment, it’s a commonly accepted truth that controversy surrounds superstars. When it comes to your home, you may want to steer clear of anything that presents with any controversy at all. If that decision includes a decision to exclude granite from consideration for your kitchen and bathroom countertops because of the rumours and myths about this popular building material, you may be robbing yourself of the best investment for your home. The truth is, there are a lot of misconceptions about granite, but when you investigate some of those topics, you’ll quickly see that many of those rumours are unfounded.

Rumour #1: Granite is a germ magnet

Perhaps it is due to the porous nature of granite as a building material, but there is a pervasive myth out there that the pores in granite make it less resistant to a thorough cleaning. It is believed that the pores and fissures in the granite finish are ideal collection points for germs to accumulate and grow. The majority of granite countertops are sealed upon installation, so this myth can be busted.

Rumour #2: Granite is heat proof

While most Edmonton granite countertops on the market are heat resistant to most of the elements that they would be exposed to in a kitchen or bathroom setting, it is important to acknowledge that it is not 100% impervious to heat. The affects of heat on a granite surface often first manifest themselves as discoloration or a cloudy finish on your counter. However, repeated exposure to extreme heat can result in cracks in some of the natural fissures of the stone.

Rumour #3: Granite poses a risk of Radon gas

This one is a relatively young rumor, but since 2008, there has been a cyclical re-introduction of the myth that granite produces dangerous Radon gas in the home. While it is true that granite includes radium, independent studies have shown that the level of Radon in the home with granite finishes vs. those that don’t are almost immeasurable. In fact, most experts suggest that the greatest risk for Radon in the home starts at the soil beneath your home’s foundation.

Rumour #4: Granite and marble are the same

Perhaps the greatest criticisms and misconceptions about stone finishes can be attributed to the fact that more education and information needs to be made available to the consumer. Marble and granite are both stone products popular in building design, but that is where much of the similarity ends. While granite is composed of molten rock, marble is actually formed through oceanic deposits, making the two stones quite different from each other.

If you are considering your options and wondering if Edmonton granite is the right choice for you, our team at K&J’s Custom Granite welcome the opportunity to address these and other common misconceptions about this home finish which adds both elegance and value to your home’s design. Call us, e-mail us or drop in to see us in the showroom to explore whether granite is the perfect accent to your home design project.

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