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Marble Polishing: Repair Dull Marble Countertop


Often time, you come across marks and stains on your marble countertops. Many people don’t have the right idea about the correct procedure of marble polishing and they think polishing is for removing marks and stains from the surface of the marble. Marble polish is used to make the surface shiny and there is a difference between etching and polishing. There are many marble slab suppliers who will guide you in the correct procedure of the marble polishing. However, you need to understand that the natural stones can be polished and finished in number of ways depending on the style that is required by the buyer.

When you get the surface of the marble polished, it gives it a mirror like finish and makes the colour look more deep and saturated. Because the shiny surface is very common with granite and marble countertop both, many people think that the polish is the only way to make marble look good. There are basically two finish choices that are available with the marble countertops.

1. Honed Finish

Honed finish gives the marble a smooth surface that is not exactly shiny. The colours remain muted and the finish on the surface is more towards the matte finish. Many people opt for this finish as it makes the grains look prominent and the surface looks more natural. Honed finish is also very easy to maintain and the colour patterns look more appealing. Honed finish looks dull when compared to the shiny finish and many people mistake it for some defect. As we all are in a habit of seeing the marble with shiny surfaces everywhere, right from hotels, to malls, we think that the marble comes originally with it. The texture on the surface of the marble depends on the choice of the owner.

2. Shiny Finish

Shiny marble finish countertops are the most preferred choice. They give you a much smoother finish where the colours look more rich and deep. It also makes the grains on the surface of the marble look more prominent, giving it a very elegant and classy look. The shiny surface on the marble is not achieved by applying some chemical or any other shining products. The shine on the marble is something that is in its construction and it’s a part of the marble itself. When the surface is polished, the shine comes out in a more pronounced way.

In etching process, the chemical compound might be used by some manufacturers to give it the required finish and bring out the shine. Before getting the polishing process done, make sure that you are calling the right experts for the job. Polishing is a long process and must be done in right manner to ensure that the surface is polished in an even way. Many people tend to get it done by non professionals and that results in different tones on the surface of the marble. Always call the experienced marble slab suppliers for the installation and the polishing process.

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