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Quartz Countertops: The New Contenders in Kitchens


In the past few years, the demand of the Quartz countertops for the use in kitchen has increased by quite a good margin. The reason being, it has many advantages on offer and it costs you far less than the most favourite stone – Granite. So what makes the popularity of quartz increasing day by day? Quartz countertops are manufactured using the mix of 5 % of polymer resins and 95% of the natural quartz. This makes them extremely tough and durable, making them perfect choice for the use in the kitchen, as their solid construction allows them to withstand dents and scratches. What you get is a super hard, maintenance free, natural stone that can be had in a finish that looks like marble or granite. Here are some of the unmatched qualities of Edmonton quartz countertops.

1. Flexible To Work With

Just like the other natural stone, you also have an option to edge the quartz countertop to give it a side finish of your liking. As it is engineered according to the specifications, it is lot easier to work with, as it can be fixed using epoxy – as seen in these epoxy countertops – and glue instead of using screws and this makes it perfect for the use in the long surface.

2. No Regular Sealing

Unlike the granite countertop that needs to get sealed periodically to keep it safe from scratches, you don’t have to spend money on getting the quartz sealed every now and then. As they are manufactured for the specific use in the kitchen, you can maintain them with minimum fuss and you don’t have to take any special care of them by using special cleaning agents and maintenance tips without getting them sealed.

3. No Chips Or Cracking

Kitchen is a place where lot of things can happen and if you are not careful, then you might end up chipping the corner of the countertop or might put a crack on the surface, if you are going to drop a heavy thing on it. But with Edmonton quartz countertops, you don’t have to worry about any dents, chips, or cracks, as it is completely forgiving and it won’t crack even if you are going to drop something heavy directly on the top of the surface. You can be as careless as you want in the kitchen when it comes to quartz countertops.

4. No Stains

The surface of the quartz is non porous and it avoids any stains on the top of it. So if you accidently end up spilling juice, oil, coffee, sauce, wine or any other thing, you don’t have to rush to the nearest hardware store looking for a stain removing agent, as quartz countertops are completely safe against stains and patches. All you have to do is to wipe the spill using a wet cloth and you will be done. You can be always confident that you will be able to keep your countertop clean and this is one of the biggest benefits in the kitchen.

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