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Refresh Your Bathroom Style


Tired of getting in the same bathroom every day? Then it’s time for a change. If there is a one thing that is constant – it is change, and believe it or not, change is always good. Adding more style to your bathroom without emptying your coffers is quite possible.

You just have to know how to do it and release your own creative juices.

Paint the Ceiling

Get some paint cans and start painting the ceiling. Don’t just pick up one color and paint the whole ceiling with it. Try something new. If you’re not an artist yourself, try some simple painting methods.

– Create a beautiful pattern of colors

– Paint waves of colors

– Use splashes of colors

Organize it

A bit of organization not only improves the functionality of your bathroom, but it also adds a fresh look.

– Put your razors, cream and other shaving items in a box.

– Keep your toothbrush and toothpaste in a colorful cup.

– Stack up your skin creams and hair oil together.

– Put the soap together.

All of this also creates more space in your bathroom.

Hook on a New Shower Curtain

Even the simplest of changes can have a big effect. Changing the shower curtain creates a big change in your bathroom because in terms of visual real estate, a shower curtain occupies quite a bit. Don’t opt for a plain colored or translucent one. Rather pick a shower curtain with a funky or classic design that you like. If you want to make a big change, you could always update the shower itself. Introducing a new Anzzi shower could create a sleek and modern feel to your bathroom, and improve your shower experience.

Perhaps you don’t have a shower but rather a bath. More frequently, people are seeking to replace tub with shower pan for a full conversion. Bathtub replacements are designed to fit the bath’s footprint and fit in your bathroom perfectly.

Lighting Fixture

Your lighting fixture is probably old and needs a change. Consider adding a colored LED lighting fixture. You could also change the position of your lighting fixture. In fact, you might want to look into the lighting benefits that can come about by having an Automated Home UK. This way, you can control all of your home’s lighting through one hub, making life much easier for you.

Half Way Tiles

Tiling your walls is expensive. Instead of covering your whole wall with tiles, you can add the tiles only half way.

It is a change that will have a major effect on how your bathroom looks.

Countertop Culture

Countertop culture is an emerging trend in Edmonton and more and more houses are opting for it. The simple reason is because it adds more value and style to your basin. From granite, quartz to marble, you have plenty of material options to pick. Various colors and style are also available. Pick a countertop that suits the style and color code of your bathroom. Black or other darker colors would be your safest bet.

Don’t Make Mistakes

Making mistakes when renovating your bathroom could remain for years before you finally renovate your bathroom again and change it.

– Whether you’re choosing lighting fixtures or shower curtains, don’t rush the process. The important part is to find something you like before you buy it.

– Don’t cut corners when you buy things. Aim to buy good quality and affordable items.

– Altering lighting or installing a countertop needs a professional. So in areas that you need help from professional, hire them.

Whether it is one year later or three years later, if you feel your bathroom needs a change – you should definitely go ahead and do it!

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