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Using Granite Remnants as an Alternative to the Slab


Kitchen countertops have too many choices nowadays but when it comes to choosing the best and the classiest stone for the kitchen, the granite still rules the segments hands down. When you go in the market to get the granite stone of your choice, you will be getting it in many options and what makes it more unique, is that no two granites are ever alike and they are always different when it comes to the design at the surface of the stone. This means that every granite countertop is wholly unique to that home. This means that every home owner who has selected the granite for the kitchen countertop has taken the best of shape and size. To get the granite according to your needed size of slabs, this results in the irregular scraps that are left behind. These scraps are called the remnants and they can be used in many other ways too. Here is how you can use them.

What Is Remnant Granite?

As we have already discussed, the scraps that are left behind from the granite are called the remnants and they have number of benefits when compared to the full slab of granite that is sold at the kitchen countertops Edmonton suppliers. As they are cost effective, they don’t require as much of processing as a slab of granite requires and this is a very good option for people, who are looking for a far more greener solution for the kitchen remodelling project. Since you can get remnant granite in different sizes and colours, you can use them in various designs and combination at your home and kitchen.

Why to consider it?

The main reason you can consider the remnant granite is the cost. As we all know, granite is the most expensive option when it comes to the kitchen countertops and if you are getting the kitchen remodelling done from the scratch, then it is going to cost you a lot. However, with the remnants, you can save a lot in the process but there are other disadvantages like the colour and choice options. While with the granite slab you may have 20 colour and pattern choices, but with remnants, you may only have three. This might not be the ideal choice for people who have very big kitchen slabs but for people who have small kitchen, this might be the best choice.

There are many uses of the remnant granite and though they might not be used as an alternative to the full blown granite kitchen countertops, they can be used at the places that need a countertop at your home. This gives you the exact granite look, at a far lesser price. It is also a very good option for the kitchen islands and if you have an additional space at the kitchen, you can also place a coffee table there and use them as its top. Kitchen countertops Edmonton companies may be able to guide you with many uses of the granite remnants for table inlays too. There are some rumours about granite that you should know and can read about on our blog as well.

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